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Finding Free Calendar Software on the World Wide Web

In recent years, more and more people have come to rely on their personal computers as the resource for keeping track of appointments. The day planner in book form has given way to electronic calendars maintained on personal computers.
Fortunately for men and women interested in utilizing electronic calendars, there is a wide range of free […]


Cookbook Software: Something New in the Kitchen

Around the world a notable number of charitable and related organizations pull together cookbooks containing interesting recipes as a means of raising funds for a given charity or not-for-profit organization. The problem with cookbook fundraising campaigns is the high cost associated with laying out and setting up a cookbook manuscript for printing, production and sales. […]


Designer Computer Cases

South Beach, Florida, boosts some of the most unique shops in the world providing access to some of the trendiest products to be found anywhere. While most of the shops of South Beach deal in selling high fashion clothing items by the world’s greatest designers, there are a couple of stores in the city the […]


Security in the 21st Century: Wireless Security Cameras

Not a day goes by when the media reports on challenges to maintaining security at different locations around the globe. Certainly, since September 11th in the United States and March 11th in Spain, people around the world have become more and more concerned about their personal security and public security.
A significant number of innovations […]


Ill Computers: What Exactly is a Computer Virus

Nearly every day the media reports on the presence or existence of one type of computer virus or another. Despite the regular media coverage of and about computer viruses, many people still posit the question of “what is a computer virus.”
Technically speaking, the question of what is a computer virus is answered as follows:
“A virus […]


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