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Who was it that invented the computer?

Although a number of people claim to be the inventor of the computer, in reality the question of “Who invented the computer?” defies a simple answer. Indeed, in truth, the computer really was not “invented” by a solitary person. Rather, a number of people have contributed to the “invention” (perhaps “creation” is a better term) […]


The Chess Playing Machine

A number of years before the big-bang birth of the personal computer, a mini-craze started around the world. The craze mentioned in this article took the form of men and women why decided to take it upon themselves to play chess against computer.
The play chess against computer saga struck every continent on the globe. […]


Tossing Away the Hardbound With An Online Dictionary

When desktop computers first hit the market and became a part of the office, school and home environments, many people praised the advent of the “fancy contraption.” But, even as people became more accustomed to the neat, new gadget, these same folks were slow - and continue to be so - in abandoning some other […]


Free Tax Software

One of the most frustrating annual rituals for nearly every adult is preparing his or her tax return. Virtually no one actually enjoys preparing a tax return. (The only exceptions are those professionals who make their livings doing returns for other folks. And, even these people do not tend to be jumping up and down […]


Free Desktop Icons

As with almost anything else on the Internet, there are innumerable websites available at which free desktop icons can be obtained. These sites offer free desktop icons of all types and varieties.
In this article we are providing a list of several sites that offer free desktop icons. These site addresses are provided for informational […]


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