Do it yourself network: internet resources

Do It Yourself Network: Internet Resources

In this day and age, many men and women spend a good deal of time undertaking their own home repairs and the like. As a consequence, a growing number of people are relying on various Internet-based do it yourself network sites. There are several helpful do it yourself network sites in place on the World Wide Web and more certainly soon to come. You will usually find that these sites are hosted on american or canadian web hosting servers.

These do it yourself network sites provide a whole host of information relating to home repair and useful tips to solve everyday problems that occur in a typical household. And, these do it yourself network sites have begun adding features that allow site visitors a chance to share their own tips and suggestions.

In this article, we provide a brief review of some of the most widely used do it yourself network sites. This listing is not intended as a specific endorsement of any one site over another. We have visited these sites and do find them user friendly and filled with helpful information.

* Better Homes and Gardens Home Improvement Encyclopedia index.jhtml
Click on “Home Improvement” in the Tools & Guides list. This site has a fairly extensive projects list. Each project comes with detailed step-by-step instructions, illustrated with drawings and photos.

* The Do It Yourself Network
This site is a little tricky to navigate if you try to follow the subject headings on its “Home Improvement” page, but you may have better luck with its search engine. The articles are short but clear.

* The Family Handyman
The website is a companion to “The Family Handyman” magazine, which is a worthwhile subscription for the handyman who is moderately advanced. The website contains past articles in a section called “Home Improvement Library.”

* Michigan State University Extension
It holds an extensive archive of short, clear articles arranged alphabetically under headings such as “Glass: Care of China and Crystal Glassware.” There are very few illustrations, but the advice is concise and authoritative.

* Popular Mechanics
This site has as much on car repair as home repair, and there are lots of home issues that aren’t addressed on the site. But if you can find an article on the subject you need, it will probably be quite helpful.

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