Satellite internet and tv: keeping in touch everwhere

Satellite Internet And TV: Keeping in Touch Everwhere

If you live too far from a phone company office for DSL and you have no cable TV in your street … just beam up into outer space!

Satellite internet and tv is the answer for rural internet and tv users who need broadband access and for those who suffer dial-up delays and disconnections. Satellite internet and tv doesn’t use telephone lines and cables. Instead a Satellite internet and tv dish links you with more than two hundred communications satellites in orbit around the planet.

Cable and DSL have higher download speeds, though Satellite internet and tv systems are about ten times faster than a traditional modem. But Satellite internet and tv is still costly. Basic equipment (a two-foot by three-foot dish, two modems for uplink and downlink and coaxial cables between dish and modem) runs from $500 and domestic service charges are around the $60 per month mark with commercial users looking to pay about $150.

Key installation requirement for Satellite internet and tv is a clear view to the south, since the orbiting satellites are over the equator area. Like satellite TV, obstructions like trees can affect reception, as can heavy rain and storms.

For the technical buffs, two-way Satellite internet and tv uses internet and tv Protocol (IP) multicasting technology, which means up to 5,000 channels of communication can simultaneously be served by a single satellite. IP multicasting sends data from one point to many points (at the same time) by sending data in compressed format. Land-based systems have bandwidth limitations that prevent multicasting of this magnitude.

Many companies that install Satellite internet and tv include StarBand, Pegasus Express, Teledesic and Tachyon. Tachyon service is available today in the United States, Western Europe and Mexico. Pegasus Express is the two-way version of DirecPC.

They essentially resell service from he two current leading Satellite internet and tv providers, DiRECTWAY and STARBAND. Please do not assume that mention of these Satellite internet and tv companies implies our recommendation. You must shop around.

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