The free computers scam

The Free Computers Scam

There is no such thing as a free meal. The phrase there is no such thing as a free meal is often heard and most often correct. An ancillary phrase that a person would like to consider is that there are no such things as free computers.

Rather frequently on the World Wide Web an Internet user will encounter alleged offers for free computers. These advertisements for free computers can come to a person using the World Wide Web via pop-ups while visiting various Websites. Additionally, these solicitations offering allegedly free computers can also end up in an Internet user’s incoming email box.

Again, as we mentioned, in most cases there really are no such things as free computers. Unfortunately, more often than not an announcement of the availability of free computers turns out to be a reckless scam.

The writer of this article took a moment to follow through (to some extent) a solicitation received via email for purportedly free computers. To cut to the chase, in order to have any chance of obtaining free computers this writer would have to spend over $5,000.00 purchasing a wide variety of items that this writer neither needed nor wanted.

In the end, if these purchases were made, this writer would have received a low quality desktop unit that retails for under $500.00. In other words, when all was said and done, there really are no such things as free computers.

Occasionally, there are bona fide market research companies that due include the use of free products, even computers, as part of an overall consumer research project. But, again, more often than not any offer of free computers will either be an outright scam or an offer with so many strings attached the allegedly free computers truly are not free at all.

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