Internet providers: a general overview

Internet Providers: A General Overview

There are an ever growing number of Internet providers serving the World Wide Web today. There are large operators and small ones with a very limited client base.

In this article, we desire to provide some general statistical information regarding Internet providers in business today. We certainly cannot provide information about each and every Internet provider. Indeed, one likely could not provide that volume of information in complete form within the context of a book. Here we have limited space to provide the reader only with some basic information in regard to Internet providers.

During the coming year, business users of the Internet alone are expected to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of 11billion dollars on Internet providers during the coming twelve month period.

At the present time, WorldCom (both directly and through its subsidiary companies) is the largest of the Internet providers in business today. This is despite the internal problems that have plagued WorldCom in recent years and the legal battles that the company still faces.

The top ten Internet providers and their approximate market shares are as follows:
1. WorldCom 27.9%
2. AT&T 10%
3. Sprint 6.5%
4. Genuity 6.3%
5. PSINet 4.1%
6. Cable & Wireless 3.5%
7. XO Communications 2.8%
8. Verio 2.6%
9. Qwest 1.5%
10. Global Crossing 1.3%

Again, these statistics are presented concerning Internet providers serving business clients and customers. Obviously, there is a significant variation in these statistics when personal users are added into the mix. However, for the purposes of this brief article, we concern ourselves only with business users.

More information on each of these Internet providers can be found on the World Wide Web at the respective Website established by each of these operators. Information on their services can be readily found at each individual Website operated by the listed Internet providers.

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