Still worth it? internet explorer downloads

Still Worth It? Internet Explorer Downloads

Over the course of the past twelve months a number of governmental agencies around the world have tried to encourage people to stop using Internet Explorer. Among these agencies is the United States Department of Homeland Security.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security believes that people run the risk of falling victims of terrorist action if they continue to use Internet Explorer. This agency, as well as its counterpart in a number of other Western nations, contend that Internet Explorer is particularly venerable to security breaches and the like.

While we certainly do not want to particular challenge the conclusions of governmental bodies and agencies from around the world, we do believe that there are steps that can be taken short of abandoning Internet Explorer all together. For example, there exist Internet Explorer downloads of various types that allow a person to strengthen the security of a given computer utilized for exploration of the World Wide Web.

We do think that it is prudent for a person to explore the various Internet Explorer downloads that are available and that can help buttress the security and safety of those surfing the World Wide Web. These Internet Explorer downloads readily are available at a whole host of venues or sites on the Internet.

As an aside, in part because of refinements available to Internet Explorer via Internet Explorer downloads, very few people have abandoned the use of Internet Explorer for surfing the Internet. Indeed, Internet Explorer retains the lion’s share of the market at over 90% global usage. There was a drop in usage of one percent after the Department of Homeland Security announcement earlier in 2004. And, that particular drop could be attributed to any number of factors beyond the concerns over security and safety.

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