Information technology defined

Information Technology Defined

On a daily basis, many people ask the question “What is information technology?” Indeed, stumble into any office where high-tech equipment or products are in use or necessary, and you likely will hear a discussion about what is information technology.

In answering the question of what is information technology a common definition is:
Applied computer systems - both hardware and software, and often including networking and telecommunications, usually in the context of a business or other enterprise. Often the name of the part of an enterprise that deals with all things electronic.

The term “computer science” is usually reserved for the more theoretical, academic aspects of computing, while the vaguer terms “information systems” (IS) or “information services” may include more of the human activities and non-computerized business processes like knowledge management. Others say that IT includes computer science.

There are a number of sites on the Internet that explore the question of what is information technology in more depth. Bear in mind that some of the sites that we reference are in the business of making money by training people in information technology. We reference these sites only to provide a reader with a bit more information on what is information technology, more information than we can contain in a short and concise article such as this one.

One site that provides information or a more in depth answer to the question of what is information technology is The site is part of the University of Phoenix system, an educational institution that offers courses on information technology.

Another site is The site is sponsored by Sun Microsystems and features Sun executives and programmers discussing the question of what is information technology in greater detail.

In this day and age, everyone should have a working knowledge of what is information technology. Obtaining this information is well worth the while.

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