Pros and cons of people pc

Pros and Cons of People PC

In the beginning, there were few Internet service providers. A person interested in accessing the World Wide Web and the Internet simply had only a few choices of companies to use to access the Web and the Net.

A good deal has changed over the years. Today, there are innumerable Internet service providers available to the Internet interested consumer.

One company that is a fairly new arrival on the Internet service provider scene is People PC.

People PC prides itself on being a low cost answer to some of the more expensive or costly Internet service providers. People PC launched a wide spread advertising campaign on the television promoting its product a couple of years back. The People PC television campaign has been rather successful in bringing new clients into its fold.

People PC advertises a base monthly fee of $9.95 per month. In most cases a person signing up with People PC will enjoy a three month initiation rate of half price. People PC also offers high speed access for $14.95 per month.

People PC, in its marketing scheme, has taken AOL on directly. People PC makes it a practice of comparing its services and costs directly with AOL offerings and expenses. The typical AOL monthly package costs $23.90 for most consumers.

People PC seems to offer decently reliable connections to the World Wide Web and Internet. Additionally, people using People PC do not appear to have disconnection problems or difficulties associated with some other Internet service providers.

Keep in mind that this article is presented for information purposes only. This article is not intended as an endorsement of People PC or its products or programs. A person interested in obtaining an Internet service provide should shop around and do his or her own independent research on the subject.

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