Digging around for free anti virus software

Digging Around for Free Anti Virus Software

Defending against virus infection is one of the most important tasks for any computer owner. Having a computer infected with a virus can have devastating consequences. A computer owner is well served to make certain that he or she has solid anti virus software installed on his or her personal computer unit.

Free anti virus software can be found with some ease on the World Wide Web. Through this article we provide some basic information on sites that provide free anti virus software. Please keep in mind that we are not endorsing any particular free anti virus software. Rather, we merely provide some basic and hopefully useful information as to venues on the Internet where an interested consumer can dig up free anti virus software.

My-etrust.com is one such site that provides an interested consumer with free anti virus software. This site provides other computer security products as well. Some of these products are available for no charge like the free anti virus software. Other products offered at this site are available for purchase.

Grisoft.com is another Internet Website that makes available to the computing consumer some versions of free anti virus software. As with the previously mentioned site, Grisoft.com also offers to consumers other products, some for no charge and some available for a fee.

Other sites that a person looking for free anti virus software might want to visit include: free-av.com free-av.com, thefreesite.com, and avast.com.

When looking for downloadable software, free or otherwise, it is vital to make certain that a person deals only with a reputable site. Viruses are easily transmitted and are regularly passed along when an Internet surfing person visits a less than reputable site on the World Wide Web. Caution is always the key to keeping a computer virus free.

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