Cheap computers: the challenge of the auction site

Cheap Computers: The Challenge of the Auction Site

Partially in an effort to prepare for this brief article, this writer visited an auction site to determine how easy it is to use such a venue to obtain a cheap computer. (This writer notes that he needs additional computer equipment and was not so completely benevolent so as to engage at an auction site merely for the purposes of this article.)

This writer elected to visit and utilize one of the major, better known auction sites operating on the World Wide Web. However, is surfing from one site to another at the outset, this writer concluded that most auction sites are pretty much organized on matching principles.

In accessing the subject auction site, this writer was able to maneuver fairly quickly to that point on the auction site that featured what appeared to be cheap computers as far as current bids posted were concerned. Obviously by the very nature of an auction site, the price of a computer fluctuates. This writer actually was amazed at how fast bidding occurred in regard to some of the “cheap computer” products listed on the Website.

In point of fact, after this writer placed a bid on one particular product that could be considered a cheap computer or inexpensive computer at the time the bid was placed, within less than an hour a number of bids had accumulated. In little time, this writer no longer considered the product in question to be a cheap computer. When the bidding closed, when all was said an done, the computer in question really was rather expensive.

The last paragraph points up the particular challenge of using an auction site to obtain a free computer. A person needs to stay on top of the situation and maintain regular contact with the site. Plus, a person must be prepared to abandon a quest for a particular unit when the bidding renders the product anything but a cheap computer.

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