Pcmcia network card explored

PCMCIA Network Card Explored

Using the PCMCIA network card is a perfect method of linking together more than one computer.

As computer prices fall, it’s becoming more common for people to own more than one PC. Home PCs can now be networked similarly to an office system. The PCMCIA network card is a cost effective method of linking together home PC units.

There are many reasons for building a home network in your house. For example, you may need to share a single printer between PCs. You may also need several PCs to access the same files. Other reasons for building a home network include wanting to share Internet use among PCs or playing multi-player games.

Before you decide to build a network, you’ll want to know what purpose it will serve. If all you want to do is share a printer, it may be more feasible to buy a switch box than to invest in a network. If, on the other hand, you want to exchange large files between PCs, you’ll want to build a network. Again, the PCMCIA network card is a perfect, cost effective means of bringing about the linkage of multiple computers within a household.

You can get a generic network card for about $20.00. Other cards cost upwards to $70.00, depending on the manufacturer and card specifications.

Notebook PCs require either a docking station that supports a network card, or a PCMCIA network card. A PCMCIA network card is a network card that’s about the size of a credit card. It plugs into your notebook’s PC card socket. PCMCIA network cards typically cost more than conventional cards. Expect to pay at least $100.00 for a PCMCIA network card.

More information on the PCMCIA network card can be found at various informational sites on the World Wide Web.

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