Quick look: micron computers

Quick Look: Micron Computers

Micron Computers has a product line of personal computers that are especially attractive
for use at home. Micron Computers offers a number of different models that are well
suited to personal computing on the home front.

The best selling model of personal computer manufactured by Micron Computers is the
Micron Millennia Max 533B. The Millennia Max sells for a reasonable price. The
drawback with the Micron Computers line is that they are not widely available.
However, with a little effort, a person can easily find Micron Computers for sale on the
World Wide Web.

Some folks who own Micron Computers Millennia Max model give the unit high marks
for performance and reliability. Additionally, as has been mentioned, people generally
find the price of this unit reasonable.

On the higher end (as far as cost is concerned) there is the MicronPC Millennia XP+
Professional. This unit, still advertised as being for home use, really is designed for a
person operating a home based business or who telecommutes from home.

Another decently selling unit in the Micron Computers line is the Micron TransPort
TREK 2. The TransPort TREK 2 is a laptop or portable personal computer unit.

Like its desktop sister, the TransPort generally is reasonably priced. However, like with
all Micron Computers equipment, the TransPort can (at times) be a difficult product to
locate. However, as mentioned in regard to the Millennia Max, the TransPort is
reasonable available at different sites on the World Wide Web.

Micron Computers offer standard industry warranties on its products. The base warranty
runs for one year. For an additional (and reasonable) charge, a person is able to get three
years of warranty protection. Of course, one drawback is the fact that because Micron
Computers are not widely distributed, finding a shop capable of repair can be a bit dicey.

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