The laptop lottery: how to win a laptop

The Laptop Lottery: How to Win a Laptop

A number of different online venues offer bona fide opportunities to take part in contests in which you might be able to win a laptop. Of course, any person interested in tracking down an online opportunity to win a laptop must be aware of the multitude of scam artists that lurk on the Net.

How often as the typical Internet used logged on to find a pop-up notice flickering across the screen announcing that the computer used has won cash, a trip or has managed to win a laptop. Many people easily scoff at these irritating intrusions. But, there are people who do follow through on the invasive pop-up offering money, travel or a free computer. Unscrupulous vendors that lurk in the dark corners of the World Wide Web use these types of tactics for one very good reason: they often times work.

As mentioned, there are some legitimate opportunities online in which a person can win a laptop. But, those opportunities are usually wrapped up in some sort of bona fide marketing research campaign. In reality, a person lined up to win a laptop is entered into a drawing after that person provides some time engaging in some sort of market research project.

Caution must always be taken when an offer to win a laptop lands in an email box or on the screen after logging into the Net out of the blue. Never, ever should personal information be provided online to anyone or any business - even with the offer of a chance to win a laptop. Legitimate businesses do not use tactics to gain your confidential information by dangling the carrot of a chance to win a laptop.

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